extolling definition: Extolling is defined as praising enthusiastically. (verb) When you are telling everyone you know how great a new restaurant is, this is an example of when you are extolling …

Extol | Definition of Extol at Dictionary.com Extol definition, to praise highly; laud; eulogize: to extol the beauty of Naples. See more. Vocab Completing the Sentence Flashcards | Quizlet Every Memorial Day the Mayor delivers a(n) _____ extolling the selfless devotion of those who have died in defense of this country. propinquity. Since my apartment is in such close _____ to my office, I usually walk to work. Completing the Sentence. 20 terms. katiecramer6.

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Use extolled in a sentence | extolled sentence examples The civilians, looking on him as a patriarch of their science, have as a rule extolled his wisdom and virtues; while ecclesiastics of the Roman Church, from Cardinal Baronius downwards, have been offended by his arbitrary conduct towards the popes, and by his last lapse into heresy, and have therefore been disposed to accept the stories which ascribe to him perfidy, cruelty, rapacity and

extolled in a sentence - Use "extolled" in a sentence 1. Monday's announcement said each side extolled the other's conduct. 2. Nearby, a salesman extolled the virtues of a self-defrosting refrigerator. click for more sentences of extolled

How to use "extol" in a sentence We are actually proud to be a nanny state, despite the freedom we extol.: One might extol Apple for acting in the fashion of a responsible corporate citizen with its decision.: He goes on to extol especially the epigrammatic power of the elegiac distich by translating numerous specimens from the elegiac writings of Goethe and Schiller.: The priest was summoned to give Paddy a dressing down Obtrusive: In a Sentence – WORDS IN A SENTENCE