What is my IP address?

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What is my IP address? The Internet Protocol Address (or IP Address) is a unique address that computing devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones use to identify itself and communicate with other devices in the IP network.Any device connected to the IP network must have a unique IP address within the network. An IP address is analogous to a street address or telephone number in that it is used to Will Switching to New Router Change IP Address? - Windows

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Cisco Anyconnect on different IP addres - Cisco Community The sheer number of router suppliers applying the IP as a default IP address for their routers isn't small. The good thing is that this particular IP address can be altered and it's an important part of securing the wireless system. The router IP can easily be edited through the router page. How to Set up Multiple IP Addresses on a Windows 10 IP address is a unique combination of numbers which separated by full stops and is responsible for identifying each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.. There are two ways to set up multiple IP addresses on a computer: 1. If you have multiple network interface cards (NICs) on your computer or laptop then you can easily assign different IP addresses to each card. What's an IP Address, Difference Between Static & Dynamic Dec 16, 2011