Section 1 of 3: Installing VPN 1. Open a web browser and navigate to and press Enter 2. Enter your ASURite ID and password, then click Login 3. Click Trust 4. Click the Run 5. Click the Allow 6. This step will fail. Click on the link embedded in the message (Mac OS X 10.8+ (Intel) 7. File downloads and creates the folder below.

Home | GetProtected - Arizona State University ASU Information Security Office's Mission Arizona State University’s Information Security Office is committed to preserving the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of its information resources while preserving and nurturing the open information-sharing requirements of its academic culture. Arizona State University | Ranked #1 for innovation in the Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ is a public research university ranked #1 in the U.S. for innovation, dedicated to accessibility and academic excellence.

ASU uses Cisco AnyConnect VPN software to allow remote users to connect securely to the ASU network and get to resources that are usually only available from on-campus. This page covers installation and usage of VPN software on desktops and laptops.

The ISAAC System (Integrated System at ASU for Access Control) is the keyless door access system for the Fulton Schools of Engineering. ISAAC uses the latest iClass proximity/smart card technology. you must be either on-campus or use an ASU VPN connection if off-campus]). You will need your ASURITE ID to authenticate when requesting VPN - ITS VPN GlobalProtect . How to use and configure GlobalProtect for Windows Computers. How to use and configure GlobalProtect for Mac Computers. How to use and configure GlobalProtect on Android and Chromebook Devices. Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas | (870) 972-2100 SIMULATIONiQ - Arizona State University

Limit access to PII, both within and outside of ASU. Require third parties (vendors and contract partners) to use information security best practices. Restrict use of PII to the specific purposes for which it was collected and the data subject consented. Ensure that if a data subject exercises any rights, ASU …

NOTE: The “ASU Guest” wireless connection is not an encrypted network. This connection only allows general internet access for Web http, https, and VPN. You will not be able to visit ASU sites or services that have ASU private IP address. Blackboard and MyASU are accessible. Arizona State University. Do not close this window. You are being securely signed out. You have been signed out. Sign In to My ASU. Need Help? By using VPN technology with personal equipment, users must understand that their machines are a de facto extension of Appalachian State University's network, and as such are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to Appalachian State University-owned equipment, i.e., their machines must be configured to comply with all Loading login session information from the browser