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Server Message Blocks name shortcut SMB. SMB is a protocol used by Windows Operating systems. SMB provides a lot of windows operating system related services over the network. SMB mainly used for file sharing. In general SMB protocol is used for inter-process communication between the same host processes or remove host processes. SMB Port 139 Internet firewalls can prevent browsing and file sharing Apr 17, 2018 File Service Protocol - Wikipedia

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Nov 04, 2010

Forward the external WAN port 3389 to the LAN IP address for the server. For RDP: Make sure to forward any port to the server’s internal port 3389. I use 3401 external port forwarded to the server’s LAN IP at port 3389. For Ubuntu’s built-in VNC: Make sure to forward port 5900 to the machine.

Beelink GS-King X Review with Android 9 - Video & Audio 12 hours ago · Last month I received Beelink GS-King X for review and started with an unboxing and teardown to check out the hardware. I’ve now had time to test the device with Android 9 including the file server function, a key selling point since of the device since it … How to Host an FTP Server on Windows with FileZilla Jul 05, 2017