I just bought an Airport extreme base station, and installed lion server, and configured it for VPN. I have checked all my settings and even looked using AirPort utility. I have tried connecting to my VPN from 2 different Macs and an iPad, and all yield the same error:"The L2TP-VPN server did not respond". When I look at my vpnd.log it is

iPhone / iPad L2TP Client Setup - SoftEther VPN Project You can start a VPN connection by using a created VPN connection setting at any time. Tap the "OFF" button to initiate a VPN connection. While VPN is established, you can see the status and connect time on the status screen. Your private IP address in VPN is also displayed. The "Connect to" IP address reports "" , but it is not an unusual. Get Azure VPN Client - Microsoft Store As of 1/23/2020, the app will still not respect DNS server specified in the vnet configuration. The app shows the DNS server, but does not use it. For corporate use, we need to use internal DNS names to access the servers. It doesn't make sense to have even released this app without being able to use a corporate DNS server. It used to work but now I got error "The L2TP-VPN server Nov 06, 2017

The second pfSense did not previously have any IPSEC connections setup. I setup the Road Warrior IPSEC VPN per the instructions and got the message: The VPN Server Did Not Respond on the iPhone. I did a packet capture on the WAN interface and saw traffic to UDP port 500. So i created a WAN firewall rule to allow it and tried again.

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How to Fix Common iOS VPN Issues - Make Tech Easier This article will detail fixes to common VPN problems on iOS. Nonetheless, most tips will work just as well on Android. I personally use SurfEasy on my iPhone, which is a $3.99-a-month service, but there are quite a few other VPN services available – some free, with a cap on data usage (Ex. TunnelBear). These tips will work on those as well. 11.1 Troubleshooting - SoftEther VPN Project 11.1.2 I am unable to communicate with the IP address of the Virtual Network Adapter used for local bridging from within the VPN. In some cases, communication can not be established from VPN Server or VPN Bridge to the IP address assigned to the physical network adapter connected to by the bridge from the Virtual Hub even when the Virtual Hub is connected to the physical network adapter by a