Client would like to disable the VPN Client Stateful Firewall feature when the mobile user is at the home site. Is there a registry setting for the VPN Client Stateful Firewall feature? I can then use something like a VB script during Windows login to look for the home IP subnet and then disable the stateful firewall …

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The Cisco 500 Series PIX Appliances can also block VPN connections based on the type of Cisco VPN client being used and these support OSPF routing over an IPSec VPN as well.

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The VPN Client configuration option Stateful Firewall (Always On), available in versions 3.5.1 and later, can be activated on the VPN Client. This configuration option is not negotiated. The policy is not controlled from the VPN Concentrator. To enable the stateful firewall option on the VPN Client, select it from the Options menu. Or, when the VPN Client is in use, right-click the VPN Client icon and select the … The Stateful Firewall (Always On) optio - Cisco Community Stateful Firewall: Tracks state of connections for protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP. Evaluates rules only on the first packet of a session. Can be configured to do “directional” protection. Filters illegal packet types and non-established connections. Resolution. For a workaround, turn off the Stateful Firewall before activation of the Network Interface Card (NIC) or wireless card. VPN Client FAQ - Cisco Nov 06, 2014 Disable stateful firewall during vpn co - Cisco Community