Twitch Donations via Paypal. Do I need a business account

I placed my order and received a tracking number and when it said "delivered" I looked on my porch to find nothing. I attempted to contact both the Jerseyeasy support email and the Paypal recipient, but the site email was fake and my email returned, and the Paypal recipient ignored my email. Thus, I opened a Paypal … Can You Use Paypal Anonymously? - DrewIsDope Mar 30, 2019 Can I hide my name on a personal account? : paypal Prior to this, when I looked up my name, random people's facebooks came up because they had a similar or exact same name. After the interview, MY UGLY FACE IS THE FIRST THING in IMAGES, MY INTERVIEW IS THE FIRST ON SUGGESTED VIDEOS, my CHURCH pops up, my "friends" pop up, my TOWN AND SCHOOL pops up, EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE EVER DONE has popped up. How do I change the name on my PayPal account? How do I change the name on my PayPal account?

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How can I hide my name/location in PayPal/the Jul 29, 2010

How do you make paypal anonymous? - Digital Point

Customize the PayPal Checkout Button - PayPal Developer Supported locales. To specify the button language, set locale to a supported locale.. For example: locale: 'en_US' displays PayPal Checkout locale: 'de_DE' displays PayPal Zur Kasse Button styles. To define the color, shape, size, and label of the button, use the button style parameters. Does Paypal show buyers my full name? - The eBay Community