"Site is not responding" is displayed by the Endpoint Security Client while trying to create a new VPN Site. Endpoint Client can create site with SecureClient R60, but not with Endpoint Security Client E75.30, or E80.50. Changing the Platform Portal in SmartDashboard is not possible. If you change the Portal port, then you are unable to close

Troubleshooting Client VPN Tunnel Connectivity | OpenVPN unable to obtain session ID from vpn.yourserver.com, ports=443: ConnectionRefusedError: 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. This is a very clear indication that the address and port that the OpenVPN Connect Client is trying to reach, does not have an Access Server web service running there. Solve the Can't find VPPP adapter Error of Smart VPN Client 5. Click Browse and Go to the location where you install the Smart VPN Client, then go to driver >> X64 folder. (Default path for 64bit platform: C:\Program Files (x86)\DrayTek\Smart VPN Client\driver\X64 ; 32bit platform: C:\Program Files\DrayTek\Smart VPN Client\driver\), and then select VPPP.inf, click Open and OK. 6. Click Next to update. 7. AnyConnect VPN Client Troubleshooting Guide - Common Aug 30, 2018

VPN Troubleshooting Guide – Fix VPN Connection Problems

Fix Cisco VPN not working in Windows 10 - YouTube Aug 05, 2018 ProSAFE VPN Client: Tunnel will not open after upgrade to

Ensure that your regular network connection is working. The obvious first step, making sure your …

Nov 28, 2016 Troubleshooting Client-to-Site VPNs | Barracuda Campus You are Able to Connect but Cannot Reach the Published Networks. On the client, see if traffic is being sent into the tunnel. You can either check the routing table of the client machine or use the tracert and traceroute command-line utilities.; Go to the VPN > Client-to-Site VPN page and verify that the VPN Access Policies are configured correctly.; Ensure that the firewall rule for the VPN Fix Cisco VPN Client Break After Windows 10 Anniversary