No Connection to Xbox Live / Error Code 80151904

How to Open your NAT and improve your Xbox live connection First, on your computer access your command prompt and type in ipconfig. Find the line called default gateway and write it down for later. Type your default gateway into your internet address bar and it will bring up your router setup page. Find your upnp and enable it, this will open your NAT. Start your XBox 360 and go to system settings on your XBox dashboard, go down to network settings How to Improve xbox live connection ! ( Linksys Routers Jul 01, 2011

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Guide to using Xbox One online: Networking, fixing lag

The Xbox Live sign-in is how each member of your family signs in to use Xbox Live. Online safety settings only apply when you or your child is using Xbox Live. If a child is a minor, parental permission is required for the child to obtain an Xbox Live account, and the online safety settings that you established during account creation are If you connect the adaptor to an Xbox 360 S console, it will disable the internal wireless N feature of the console. Using the external adaptor may improve signal strength and bandwidth if your wireless access point is far from your console.