*Solved* Call Forwarding Not Working on Some iPhones

Voicemail and Calls Tones aren't available when call forwarding is enabled. Call Forwarding doesn't forward text messages. Forwarded calls do not display in the call log on your phone. Call Forwarding restrictions: You can't forward calls to international phone numbers, chat lines, and select area codes. You can't forward Direct Connect calls. Call Forwarding Issues - Verizon Community I have used call forwarding on my VZW prepaid service for years, with no issues. Suddenly today, it doesn't work. When I forward the calls using *72, I get the confirmation saying calls are forwarded to the number, but it doesn't work because the caller gets a fast busy signal. Is this a network How to Activate Call Forwarding on an iPhone - YouTube Jun 22, 2015

Call Forwarding Issues - Verizon Community

Fix iPhone Call Forwarding Not Working due to System Issues. If on the other hand, the problem might be your iOS system and this is the case with our user above who began experiencing this problem soon after an iOS update, then you need to fix the iOS system itself.

Jul 08, 2017

What to do, im on a iphone 6s 10.3.3 OPTUS 28.4 and call forwarding not working, going OS in one week and desperate to get it working, called optus technical support tried disabling 4g tried applying through keypad codes, app and iphone settings, still NADA. Solved: My call forwarding does not work - The EE Community